Club Rules
The basis for all Club rules is to respect oneself and each other in order to achieve unity and harmony with a Club family atmosphere for all ages.
By becoming a member you agree to the following rules:-
Entry to the Club requires meeting the dress code.  No safety helmets, hats or balaclavas, to be worn inside the clubhouse.  Work clothes cannot be worn in the Club after 7PM.  Casual clothing clean and in good condition or club uniform is required during Club events or after 7PM.  Adequate footwear must be worn. 
Any display of material deemed offensive by a Management Committee Member by any means may result in you being asked to leave the premises.
Any fees must be paid promptly upon your receipt of a request for payment by any Management Committee Member.  Failure to pay any fees promptly automatically disqualifies a member from Club entry or participation.
Offensive language will receive one warning.  A repeat of the behaviour may require you to be asked to leave the Club.
Aggressive or racist behaviour will result in you being asked to leave the Club.  Repeat offenders may be banned from the Club permanently.

Complaints involving other members or Club volunteers must be resolved firstly by you speaking to the individual concerned to seek resolution or agreement.  If that fails you must find a Management Committee member to approach the person with you to find a resolution.  After that if you are still unsatisfied, you can put your complaint in writing to the next Management Committee meeting.
Any person acting or speaking in any manner that damages the Club reputation and has not used the dispute process may be asked to explain to the Management Committee their actions at any time. The Management Committee may ban such a person from the Club at their discretion following such an event.
The use of the Club WIFI to download or send offensive material is not permitted at any time.You may be asked to leave the Club.
Any person possessing illegal substances in the Club will be banned for life and reported to Police.
Any person found supplying alcohol products from the Club to underage persons will be reported to the Police and banned from the Club for life.
Unauthorised interference with any Club equipment of any type or in any
location will require a satisfactory explanation to the Management Committee and restitution if damage or loss occurs.
Your visitors must be advised of our rules before you enter the Club with them. They must sign the visitor book or complete a membership application before they can be served.

The WA Liquor & Gaming Code of Conduct applies to this club. A $2000 fine currently exists for failing to leave when asked by staff. Details can be requested from the bar or the Club office.

The Club also has a House Management Policy. Details of this is available from Bar Staff if required.